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Need a smart move?

Where to get quotes for your Move

It is not easy to assess the professional seriousness, infrastructure, experience, expertise, efficiency, care and integrity of a moving company and their suitability to your needs. Check how long the mover has been in business. Check the quality of the references. Check user reviews and references on the Internet. Seek a consultant’s advice. Canvass friends and acquaintances for recommendations.

Request an estimate at least 8 weeks before the moving date and confirmation mover can perform on that date. It is wise to request 3 different quotes. We recommend only requesting quotes from members of ASTAG (Swiss Road Transport Association) as they are obligated to maintain high standards. Each company quotes in an individual style, which may make comparison difficult. Be particularly careful of quotes which include (often in small print) any statement implying ‘billing by time’ since you will lose control over the final cost. Of course, one should be aware that some aspects of a move are, in fact, usually calculated by time expended (packing, special carpentry or other tasks).

A professional move requires appropriate, up-to-date, sophisticated infrastructure, expert staff and long experience, all reflected in the price, why price alone should not be the sole criterion when choosing a moving company. Click "Task list and Schedule" for moving tips with comprehensive checklists and over 60 important points.

All-inclusive Advisory Visit without Cost or Obligation

You could continue to scour the internet looking for tips or you could give us a call. We will gladly advise you at no cost or obligation - based on 86 years’ experience - on the full moving process during our pre-quote personal visit. We will field any questions. Whether you choose us to execute or not, our expert no-cost opinion can help you on how to arrange an optimally efficient and fair-price move.

It is our nearly 90 year principle that a serious quote should always be preceded by a personal visit - with no cost or obligation - to survey all circumstances of a move such as access and passageways, household or office goods and furnishings, equipment and to determine which furniture is to be dismantled and/or reassembled by our carpenter services (e.g., to fit through constricted spaces and/or avoid damage). Most importantly, our advisory visit accommodates any and all personal wishes. We appreciate how every move is a personal challenge for our customers and warrants our most professional and proficient care.

Based on this advisory visit we create a transparent, comprehensive fixed-amount quote, guaranteed on-time and on-budget, precisely based on your individual needs. This enables you to budget costs in advance and avoid unpleasant surprises and risk (damaged stairwells, goods, furniture or problems, obstacles, etc.). To eliminate all customer risk, when total effort is less than originally quoted, we only bill actual work and driving time. The customer carries absolutely no risk.

Trust and Transport in nearly 90 years of business and 100,000 transports in and around Basel, in Switzerland and abroad, one thing we have learned - there is no move without a quirk.

In all these years we have continuously earned the trust of our customers by maximizing convenience and limiting risk, by attending to individual needs with care and personal engagement before, during and after the move and by our stringent and meticulous professional standards

Our renowned family-owned business, now in the fourth generation, is always committed to the upmost to plan, organise and carry out efficiently and economically any relocation, no matter what size, level of complexity and distance - or quirks.

All-inclusive services for Household or Office

  • Free visit and survey of all move circumstances, with advice on the spot.
  • Binding quote with fixed overall moving costs-planning, preparations, coordination, execution – optimally efficient, convenient and correctly-priced.
  • If requested, professional packing and unpacking of household or office goods.
  • Comprehensive range of packing materials.
  • Dismantling / reassembling / repairing furniture by our carpenter services.
  • Temporary or longer-term storage in our storehouse.
  • Modern, professionally equipped fleet with retractable loading platforms and air suspension.
  • Highly motivated, qualified, professional, expert staff with years of experience.
  • Eco-friendly disposal of superfluous furniture or household or office goods at favourable conditions or arrange to give them to charity. Our company is registered at several waste disposal centres.

Need of storage space?

Renowned Furniture storage in the Basel Region

Our 2000 square meter (21,500 square feet) furniture storeroom in Reinach/BL, in the outskirts of Basel, easily and quickly reached by car or public transport, offers temporary or short- or long-term storage for any number of individual items, office equipment or entire contents of houses or offices. Well-equipped ventilation, heating and insect-protection systems coupled with professionally designed mesh containers (corlettes) guarantee optimum, budget-friendly storage conditions all year round.

Charges: Calculated per cubic meter and duration on pro rata basis. Longer-term storage is automatically billed every three months.

Opening hours: Stored items can be accessed with minimum advance notification of 2 days.

Duration / Termination: duration is unlimited, partial reduction or total termination requires 48-hour advance notification. Outstanding charges must be settled in full.

Storage conditions: Carpets have to be professionally cleaned and prepared for storage. Although our storehouse is equipped with an efficient insect-protection system, we hold no responsibility for moth infestation. We will gladly help you find a carpet-cleaning firm. For sanitary and safety-related reasons, unpacked food, living plants and explosive or easily inflammable materials cannot be stored.

Insurance: Easiest, least expensive is to use an existing household insurance. Short written notification to the insurance company suffices. Our storehouse company is well known to all major insurance companies. In the event you do not have such a policy, we will gladly offer a personalised solution.

Storage Conditions: Payment Default / Retention

Rental fee is due latest on last day of invoiced period. Late payments incur interest. Fleig is entitled to send a reminder by registered mail. In the event of non-payment, storage contract is terminated without further reminders at the end of the month following the reminder.

In the event of default, Fleig is legally entitled by the law of retention to effect the sale or disposal of stored goods. All accrued storage, transport, disposal as well as debt collection fees still remain owed and will be offset by any income from disposal measures.

Even partial removal can not take place before outstanding charges are settled in full. Until such time, Fleig continues right of retention of the stored goods.

Download: Storage Conditions

Need packing materials?

Packing material for private moves and relocations

Please click on the pdf-icon below to open a printable list of our range of packing materials. Please note that Fleig always quotes each move individually and in writing which includes packing material conditions specific to that respective move.

Upon request we would be pleased to offer whatever type of special packaging is required.

Please call us to arrange a door-to-door delivery date.

Pickup and return of packaging materials is only possible at Sternenhofstrasse 2 in Reinach. Please arrange an appointment for this purpose.

Download: List of Packing Material

How to plan a move

Moving Tips

More than 80,000 successful moves over 80 successful years enables us to provide best moving tips to accommodate all requirements and insure a smooth, speedy, trouble-free, efficient, high-quality move.

  • Good packing with systematic planning is half the battle and the basis of a successful move. We provide all packing material – just order required quantities from our comprehensive range as early as possible. Of course, unused material will be taken back without any charges.
  • Start packing early and well-organized to avoid stress.Clearly label cartons with content and specific destination within the new domicile.
  • Limit cartons to maximum 25-30 kg, with lids easily closeable. For weight reasons, please do not pack books in universal cartons but in our special book moving boxes.
  • Fill empty spaces in cartons with pillows or bedsheets.
  • Pack separately and personally transport all valuables, cash and important documents.
  • If requested, our specialists can professionally pack / unpack glass, procelain as well as all other household goods.
  • We provide optimally protective packing material and bubble wrap for dishes, glasses, pictures and mirrors.
  • Clearly label fragile items as well as containers with liquids.
  • We provide special clothes boxes with rails for packing clothes on hangers to avoid ironing after the move. Pack only clothes in these boxes with no heavy items on the bottom. Generally, our team brings these boxes on moving day, rehangs your garments and then dismantles your freestanding wardrobe furniture. In the new domicile, we reassemble the wardrobe furniture so the customer can rehang garments. Unless purchased, boxes will be taken back immediately after unloading. Later pick-ups are subject to charge.
  • Use original packing for optimal protection of electronics (TVs, computers, etc.) or ask us for advice. For insurance reasons, unpacked flatscreen TV sets will be wrapped in protective cover (subject to charge).
  • Team will transport matresses, chairs, sofas, bed covers in special, sanitary transport covers.
  • Protect frost-sensitive plants in cold weather with bubble wrap. Do not water plants on moving day.
  • Please be certain everything transportable is packed by moving day.
  • Dismantling/reassembling furniture by our carpentry services (which also offers repairs) is usually explicitily included in the quote. However, customers may prefer to do this themselves - please be aware that using our carpentry service to help reassemble when they did not previously dismantle can be time-consuming and complicated.
  • All individual assembly parts and screws should be packed and labeled separately, along with the specific destination within the new domicile, for each piece of furniture.
  • A move presents a convenient opportunity to dispose of or store superfluous furniture and household goods. Professional, eco-friendly disposal at favorable conditions is an integral part of our comprehensive services. Our company is registered at several waste disposal centres. If requested, we can arrange to give them to charity. We also offer temporary or short- or long-term storage for any items, office equipment or entire contents of houses or offices. Well equipped ventilation, heating and insect-protection systems coupled with professionally designed mesh containers (corlettes) guarantee optimum, budget-friendly storage conditions all year round.
  • To store carpets, they have to be professionally cleaned and prepared. We will gladly help you find a carpet cleaning firm. Although our storehouse is equipped with an efficient insect-protection system, we hold no responsiblity for moth infestation. For sanitary and safety-related reasons, unpacked food, living plants and explosive or easily inflammable materials cannot be stored.
  • For insurance reasons, delicate floors will be covered with protective floor mats (subject to charge).
  • Please make sure that all access roads for our vans as well as stairwells and corridors are unconstricted. Please contact the other tenants in your building in this regard.
  • While our team provides for their own snacks, soft drinks during hot weather are always appreciated. Break time will not be billed.

Task list and schedule

Smart plan for a Smart move:

  • 3 months prior to move
  • 4 weeks prior to move
  • 2 weeks prior to move
  • 1 week prior to move
  • 2 days prior to move
  • On moving day
  • After the move
Download: Tasklist + Schedule